Fourth element essential for the working of Wokenrol hybrid skates:
the moveable deck.

The fixing of the skate with the shoe is done in three points (patented).
Two points are located in front on a longitudinally mobile slide. Their position is under the foot, at the largest place.
The back point is laid out on a rotary bolt actuated by the heel.

To fit, the user proceeds in three times:
- to center the heel of the shoe at the level of the bolt
- to incline the foot downwards when aligning with the shoe axis
- to press firmly with the heel
All this operation does not take more than ten seconds for the two shoes.

To unfit, it is enough to draw the rear hook upwards. This operation is instantaneous.

The attachment unit has a safety device prohibiting the cliping of the heel bolt if the two front points of fixing are not engaged.