A roller stroll, it is nice. But you cannot go everywhere... A staircase, a public spot like the tube and the stroll is finished !

With the hybrid rollers Wokenrol, you will go everywhere, because you will be able to take off and to put on again instantly !
And you can wear your shoes all day long !


The rollerskating has never convinced you as urban means of transport.
And you are right!
The absence of effective braking forbids any traffic on pavements or even the slightest crossing of crosswalk.

The disk braking of hybrid rollers Wokenrol brings you an unequalled safety of urban rolling.

What if "walk'n roll" were "the new way of life"...
What if the town becomes easy...
Let us imagine...

Your everyday life is permanently limited by displacements,
and especially by small displacements.

Going to the post office, for example. just 800 yards...
You travel by car, or rather, you must travel by the car...
You will have to find a place for parking... 500 yards further the post office !
Finally, you think that on foot, that would have been faster.
But on foot, it is painful...
But of course, on foot, you would have done some sport, but, not enough to loose weight...
Finally, outward journey at the post office, is a real chore !

Let us imagine, this outward journey at the post office with hybrid Wokenrol skates...
Three times less than on foot, no more than with car, a fuel saving, just a touch of sport as you would like to do and the pleasure of strolling.
OK ?

So, to change a journey to the post in a pleasure,
fit the hybrid rollers Wokenrol !

Each day, 550 000 pedestrians roam about New York, with an average of 11 km.

The urbanization is one of the heavy trends of this beginning of century.
In 100 years, the planet is supposed to be by less than 5 percent of the world population living in town in more than 50 percent today.
Or with the current rhythm, the deafening figure of urban additional 180.000 every day.
( Source: Trendwatching, London)