There is two ways of doing design:

The first, the one of famous brands, consist in aiming only the esthetic side of a product and in particular by relooking old products. The remainder is just an advertising problem. The market of rollerskates in is a typical example. This product did not evolve technically for 15 years. The visual side, on the other hand, is remade every year with new sticking and anglicized terms.

The second is the method of the true designer. To reconsider the market, to criticize the existing products, to define the functions, to exacerbate them, to create new ones. This is his job. The esthetic side of the product is secondary. It will born naturally with the answers to the functions. French 2 CV, german Beetle or italian Vespa are typical examples.

I created the Wokenrol hybrid skates in this spirit.
To answer criterias of "soft mobility", I defined five functions:

- To be able to brake:
It is essential for a minimum of safety. Braking must be effective and powerful. It must answer to any request from a simple slowing down to an urgency braking in the shortest distance. No chance to use the traditional rubber brake used on rollerskates or a friction directly on the tyre of wheels.
It is the function provided by the disk braking on the Wokenrol hybrid skates.

- To prohibit the way back:
And this, to answer two sub-functions:
      - To be able to go up slopes you went down before.
      - To avoid moving back when one want to go on. On rollerskate, each push of the user on a foot, inertia causes a slip of the skate backwards with a large loss of output.
It is the function provided by the no-backwards device on the Wokenrol hybrid skates.

- To avoid the falls:
60% of falls on rollerskate come from a sticking of the first wheel onto an obstacle with an height under two cm. To find a technological solution avoiding these wheels stickings allows improving safety.
It is the function provided by the front rocker on Wokenrol hybrid skates on model 231.

- To be able to fit on and fit off quickly:
Running on small wheels does not allow you to go everywhere. A simple staircase becomes insurmountable. The subway is forbiden with rollerskates. It is obvious that user can fit off and fit on instantly. It is also interesting to be able to easily hold the skates on hand.
It is the function provided by the moveable deck of the Wokenrol hybrid skates.

- To be able to walk or roll with the same shoes.
A market research on rollerskates watches a slump of the "moveable" rollerskates. This slump seems due to the design of shoes: too much rigid for walking and not enough for rolling. The choice of the formula "quad" for the Wokenrol hybrid skates is a chance. It brings a simple solution to this problem. A wise choice of the points of fixing gives, moreover, comfort necessary to a flexible walk.
It is the function provided by the special shoes on Wokenrol hybrid skates.
You can henceforth use the shoes all day long.