Hello, my name is Jean-Pierre Bauduin, I am designer.
Before deserving my retirement I was to find a solution for a problem which is proposed to me regularly: that one of soft mobility.
I am living at Pontarlier in "High Doubs", a region for the ski touring with the high level sportsmen in this field.
These sportsmen are used to train during summer on rolling-ski on the surrounding roads. This practice is very dangerous. If, on roller, one practises an "avoidance" when a danger emerges, on rolling-ski the crash is sure.
A basic idea suggested by the users of the rolling-ski was to add a brake.
But considering the lightness of the equipment, it was impossible to propose a valid solution.
Nevertheless I carried out some tests and discovered a potential market, the soft mobility one.

With the beginning of year 2000, several manufacturers proposed "moveable" rollerskates. Hypno, Rossignol, Salomon... Rossignol even succeeded in missing completely out the subject by proposing in one hand its famous moveable "Step' In" and in another hand some rollerskates equipped with brakes, without thinking that both had to be associated ...
As these manufacturers gave up, I decided to deal with this problem.

With 5 years of work, 3 different versions, tens of prototypes, 3 patents and hundreds test hours, the ideal solution borned.
It is now marketed in small batches and is reserved for selected customers.