Wokenrol hybrid skates are the ideal tool for small professional displacements.

Agencies of dispach riders, hypermarkets, airports, shopping malls, giant workshops...
How much employees walk several tens of kilometers per day ?

For a professional like a customer relations manager in airport, the time saving is in a ratio from one to three.
No more problem for going from an office at first stage to the main hall and return without making wait for the customer.
Four minutes instead twelve.
And for the escalator, you have just to take it a little aside.
And as this person is always in a hury, she tires less with Wokenrol hybrid skates than on foot.

For the dispach riders on roller, Wokenrol hybrid skates are the perfect working tool. They bring an essential safety.
Moreover they allow to climb the stairs.
Better, agencies are not forced any more to recruit expert rollerskaters.
The facility of training allows to train in one half-day unqualified staff.

For the personnel of shopping malls, it is still the contribution of safety which comes up.
How much hypermarkets stopped the practice of roller after a lot of accidents?
With Wokenrol hybrid rollers, no more problem to circulate among departments and to avoid customers and their children.

The giant workshops often adopted the practice of bicycle.
But this one is too cumbersome. Moreover it does not allow to enter an office or climb the stairs.
With Wokenrol hybrid skates, no more problem. The user takes off to go up a stage.