I am not doing rollerskate.

Not stress, the use of Wokenrol hybrid skates takes five minutes, time to understand the technique of braking. And that will be done naturally, without any private lessons. Start on a flat ground and push simply on a leg backward, then alternate the movement. To slow down, advance a leg and push on the heel.

I do go on rollerskate.

Forget what you learned. The hybrid Wokenrol skates are not rollerskates. Forget your practice to balance you from right to left for runing. It is enough for you to push simply on a leg backward. To slow down, use your usual technique with the braking rubber. Made simply attention with the power of disc brake. Forget also this practice to change trajectory to thread your way. And especially, keep in mind to go slower than on rollerskate.

I practise touring ski.

No problem. Go on alternative step as in touring skiing, or rather as cross-country skiing. Start on a flat ground at the beginning. To slow down, advance a leg and push on the heel.

Do i need to use an additional size ?

No. Take the same size as for normal shoes. Your feet must be maintained, not tight as with rollerskates.

Can I bear the shoes all day long ?

Of course. The Wokenrol shoes are made from the traditional shoes. You will be able to roll with them to go to work, walk with them to work and to roll with them to go back in the evening.

It is too expensive for rollerskates.

The Wokenrol hybrid skates are not rollerskates ! They provide the function of small machine for urban displacement with safety and necessary comfort. Their sophisticated mechanic is comparable with that of a bicycle. It is normal that the price is the one of a good bicycle.