Don't look after Wokenrol products in a sport supermarket.
The hybrid Wokenrol skates won't be there.
I decided not to trust with these distribution networks.
Don't look after Wokenrol products in the rollerskate clubs or Sunday trips.
I decided not to communicate with this world there.

I chose another method of sale: the " viral marketing".

You will discover, when using Wokenrol skates, that you will never pass unnoticed downtown.
You will have just to stop and sit at a coffee terrace to hear emerging questions:

"What is it ?"... "Where did you bought it ? ..." "How does it go?...".

Then, the idea is simple: to make you a growing-up salesman.

By buying a Wokenrol unit, you become sponsor.

You will receive ten sponsorship vouchers of 80 euros each one. You will distribute them to your friends or encounters.
And each time some of your friends will buy a Wokenrol set, you will receive 80 euros.
And if the sale and aftersale interest you, you will be able to become a self-employed salesman.