Last element essential to Walk' N Roll: the shoes.
They provide three functions:

- to fix the shoe.
A metallic part named "cambrion" gets three points of fixing necessary to the connection with the shoe.
The cambrion is a metal part included in the shoe-sole to rigidify the shoe. One finds these part into the walking shoes and the woman shoes with high heel.
The three fixing points are distributed as two points under the sole and one into the end the heel.
This last position allows user to see the rear fixing point when cliping on.

- to hold the foot.
For a correct rolling, the shoe must maintain the heel and lay out a sufficiently high lacing. The Wokenrol shoes are selected according to these criteria.

- and to go walking ...
This seems to be obvious, but moveable rollers users do understand.
The two points of fixing under the sole are located just behind articulation of toes to allow folding the shoe when walking.
Consequently, it is possible to carry Wokenrol shoes all day long.